Disability Pride Madison has a mission to help people with disabilities take pride in themselves and to show the able-bodied community what the disability community has to offer.

We host the annual Disability Pride Festival in Madison, WI.

Would you like to become more involved with the Madison disability community by helping us plan our festival? Come to our monthly meeting!

2nd Wednesdays, 6 PM – 8 PM

RSVP to the Facebook Event Page

Email us if you would like to video or conference call in!


Please email Jessicalyndraws@gmail.com for link to our zoom meeting! Starts at 6pm ET.

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Checks can be made to: Disability Pride Madison, Box 70795, Madison, WI 53707

Donate via Paypal! paypal.me/disabilitypridemsn

Send us money via Google Pay to disabilitypridemadison@gmail.com!

We also accept funds through CashApp! cash.app/$disabilitypridemsn