Disability Pride Madison has a mission to help people with disabilities take pride in themselves and to show the able-bodied community what the disability community has to offer.

We host the annual Disability Pride Festival in Madison, WI.

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Checks can be made to: Disability Pride Madison, Box 70795, Madison, WI 53707

Donate via Paypal! paypal.me/disabilitypridemsn

Send us money via Google Pay to disabilitypridemadison@gmail.com!

A stylized timeline labeled "Disability Pride Madison 2019-2020 Annual Report".   August 2019 - Evaluation. Evaluated 2019 festival over the course of several meetings, rested, and began planning for next year.  September 2019 - Municipal Protest. Members attended a city council meeting to protest implementation of a city-wide straw ban that would overwhelmingly impact disabled communities.  November 2019 - Grant Proposal. Turned in an grant proposal for just short of $120,000 to the Wisconsin Idea; ultimately not accepted.  December 2019 - K-12 Activism. Members spoke in protest at the Madison Metropolitan School Board meeting that they were buying a building to house only students with disability in a non-integrated setting.  February 2020 - Bringing Talent to Madison. Planned with UW GSCC to bring Cuba Cub & Rebirth Garments in April. Co-sponsored Gaelynn Lea at the High Noon Saloon.  March 2020 - Conference. Accepted to do a panel discussion at  State Gender and Women’s Studies Conference.  April 2020 - Virtual Festival Pivot. As it became clear a physical festival would not be possible due to COVID-19, began researching options for hosting a virtual festival.  May 2020 - Black Disabled Virtual Showcase. Opened applications for showcase for Black Disabled Creatives; hosting 26 artists who are each being paid a $250 stipend.  July 2020 - New Membership. Gained one new member and received interest for joining from another member.  August 2020 - #ADA30. Hosted a watch party of 13th; membership continued to be hard-hit by pandemic so group worked on sharing resources via social media and Black Disabled Virtual Showcase.  At the bottom is the logo for Disability Pride Madison and the text "Thank you to our incredible sponsors, collaborators, donors and community for a wonderful year! We're so excited to continue celebrating Disability Pride with you!"