About Us

Disability Pride Madison’s mission is to work as a cross-disability organization to support and celebrate disabled communities and promote disability justice in Madison, Wisconsin, and beyond.

A picture of Kate Moran, a white fat butch lesbian, wearing a polka dot shirt and jeans and waving to the camera while standing under a flower arch.

Kate Moran

Kate Moran has been inspired by Beachtree the disabled lesbian land collective,The Women's Braille Press, other women at DART and the periodicals Dyke, Disability and Stuff and the Madness Network News. I joined the DPM board the first year and have been with it long enough to be given "The Relentless Badger Award" from the Wisconsin Coalition of Independent Living Centers (WCILC). I credit my work with Disability Pride Madison for making me comfortable in my own skin as a disabled person whose disabilities are not always apparent. It has also brought many wonderful people into my life.

A picture of Jason Glozier, a white man with a beard and glasses, giving his daughter a popsicle. He's wearing an orange Disability Pride Madison shirt.

Jason Glozier

Bio coming soon!

A picture of Martha Siravo, a white woman with brown hair, wearing a tiara and Ms. Wheelchair Wisconsin sash, and holding her daughter.

Martha Siravo

Bio coming soon!

A picture of Jason Beloungy, a white man with a blue baseball cap, and his wife, Heather, and his two daughters, Ella and Ilana all posing together next to a flower petal peace sign with the word IMAGINE in the middle.

Jason Beloungy

I am originally from Dane County, and currently live south of Madison with my wife, Heather, and my two daughters, Ella, and Ilana. I serve as the executive director of Access to Independence, which is a disability-led and run organization. As a person with a mental health and substance use disabilities, having an opportunity to come together as a community is what I love about the Disability Pride Festival. I was able to support and volunteer the very first event in Madison, and I am thrilled to be able to be involved again this year.

A picture of Autumn Neugent, a white woman with short red hair, in her wheelchair smiling at the camera.

Autumn Neugent

I am a 42 year old woman. I’ve always identified as a strong, outspoken force, an athlete, coach, teacher, an active person. When I was diagnosed with MS in 2009 and my physical abilities started to decline, I lost some of that identity. I found the UW adaptive fitness program and the Madison SCI group where I was surrounded by people who were DOING, LIVING and EMBRACING their abilities! Through this I recognized that I was still the same person! Although my body had changed, I was able to adapt! I started participating in adapted cross country, down hill and water skiing, kayaking, rock climbing, sled hockey and martial arts! I have reestablished my identity!

A photo of Rhiannon Gurley, a whie woman with shoulder length brown hair and a purple shirt sitting in a chair.

Rhiannon Gurley

Rhiannon Gurley, M.S. is best known as a community organizer and as a national award-winning artist. Rhiannon’s art has been displayed in disability art competitions such as DeVIA, Missouri VSA and Arts for All (formerly Wisconsin VSA). She is also the founder of Our Vibrant Community, a female/disability owned business with a mission to include the arts and disability awareness in its community development initiatives. High achievements marked as a St. Louis Regional Arts Commission- Community Art Training 2013 graduate, served on the City of Springfield, IL Community Relations Commission, selected as a “40 Under 40 Future Business Leader” by Springfield, Illinois Chamber of Commerce and is now serving on the City of Madison - Disability Rights Commission. Representing as a hard-of-hearing board member; you may have come across her Sign Language & Disability Awareness classes offered in the community.

News Coverage

If you would like to write an article about or with Disability Pride or interview any of its members, please email disabilitypridemadison@gmail.com with your pitch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is disability pride?

"People with disabilities are the largest and most diverse minority within the population representing all abilities, ages, races, ethnicities, religions and socio-economic backgrounds. Disability Pride has been defined as accepting and honoring each person's uniqueness and seeing it as a natural and beautiful part of human diversity. Disability Pride is an integral part of movement building, and a direct challenge of systemic ableism and stigmatizing definitions of disability."

via disabled-world.com

How can I support the 2021 virtual showcase and events?

Please donate! For every $250 we can fund another Black disabled artist in our showcase! Checks can be made to: Disability Pride Madison, Box 70795, Madison, WI 53707 ! Or, you can donate to our Paypal here.

A picture of some of the members of Disability Pride Madison! From left to right, back row: Kate Moran, Jess Draws, Jilip Nagler, and Rachel DL. Front row: Sashe Mishur, Skippy the dog, Cecil Leigh Wilson, and T. S. Banks.

A picture of some members and former members of Disability Pride Madison hanging out in Kate's backyard!
From left to right, back row: Kate Moran, Jess Draws, Jilip Nagler, and Rachel DL.
Front row: Sashe Mishur, Skippy the dog, Cecil Leigh Wilson, and T. S. Banks.

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