About Us

Disability Pride Madison’s mission is to work as a cross-disability organization to support and celebrate disabled communities and promote disability justice in Madison, Wisconsin, and beyond.

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Kate Moran

Board Member

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Sashe Mishur

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Ti Banks

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Jason Glozier

Board Member

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Cecil Wilson

Board Member

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Rachel DL

Board Member

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Jill Nagler

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Jess Draws

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Lucas Osmond

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Grayson Schultz

News Coverage

If you would like to write an article about or with Disability Pride or interview any of its members, please email disabilitypridemadison@gmail.com with your pitch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is disability pride?

"People with disabilities are the largest and most diverse minority within the population representing all abilities, ages, races, ethnicities, religions and socio-economic backgrounds. Disability Pride has been defined as accepting and honoring each person's uniqueness and seeing it as a natural and beautiful part of human diversity. Disability Pride is an integral part of movement building, and a direct challenge of systemic ableism and stigmatizing definitions of disability."

via disabled-world.com

How can I support the 2020 virtual showcase and events?

Please donate! For every $250 we can fund another Black disabled artist in our showcase! Checks can be made to: Disability Pride Madison, Box 70795, Madison, WI 53707 ! Or, you can donate to our Paypal here.